Far more people reject Darwin’s Theory of Evolution than are comfortable explaining why. Part of the reason for this lies in the fact that the popular media as well as our public education system continually bombard us with dogmatic assertions that all things have evolved over millions of years in accordance with Darwin’s theory, and only uninformed people think otherwise. Ad hominem or character attacks such as these are designed to intimidate and often disguise the fact that very little evidence exists which supports Darwin’s theory (also known as macroevolution, or scientific naturalism). I will demonstrate that Darwinian evolution has major scientific problems and should therefore be rejected as a “fact,” or even a reasonable theory for the origin of the universe and life. The purpose of this site is to provide a simple method for remembering some of these problems, which are so foundational that they clearly show Darwin’s theory to be false. The key points have been arranged alphabetically and associated with pictures to aid in memorizing and explaining them.


I want to emphasize that this site is intended as merely an introduction for those unfamiliar with the topic. My goal is to highlight some of the easiest to understand yet very important problems, then help you organize and remember them. I strongly encourage you to read some of the books and web sites I reference which cover these and similar topics in depth. At the very least, you will be able to demonstrate that knowledgeable Darwinian evolutionists cling to their theory for purely philosophic rather than scientific reasons. People have the right to believe what they want, but evolutionists should never be able to hide behind the protective and honorable veil of science.


As more people become equipped to explain their beliefs effectively, others will recognize that the evolutionary worldview is a bankrupt, empty philosophy. However, be warned that this is a very emotional issue. Even if you are armed with facts, many people don’t want to be confused by them. And of course, many recognize that if they jump ship from the “USS Evolution” the only other “ship” available is being piloted by God—and they’re simply not willing to deal with Him! However, there are many others who have simply believed what they’ve been taught in school, while in their hearts and minds they know that the Darwinian explanation of origins doesn’t make sense—but they’re not sure why. These people will give thoughtful consideration to what you have to say.


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