Eyes (Observation)

Pure science, without any hidden philosophical agenda, is about collecting information by careful observation of our surrounding universe. Any scientist willing to assess the current evidence honestly would have to admit that:


  1. No one has ever observed Evolution getting started: living things being produced naturally from nonliving substances (spontaneous generation).
  2. No one has ever observed an explosion producing order or increasing complexity.
  3. No one has ever observed one creature evolving into another kind of creature (macroevolution).
  4. No one has ever observed DNA being formed without the presence of another DNA molecule plus a host of other molecules necessary for its synthesis.


Scientists also use conceptual frameworks or models to correlate observable data and to predict data. There are only two models for explaining existence, the evolutionary model (macroevolution) and the creation model, which includes microevolution. The creation model clearly works best with the greatest amount of observable data and has the fewest unresolved issues. The creation model is in harmony with:


  1. The Law of Cause and Effect
  2. The fact that life comes only from life
  3. The fact that there are distinct kinds of organisms
  4. The fact that there are billions of “gaps” in the fossil record
  5. The fact that there are no ape-man intermediates
  6. The fact that all closed energy systems are running down


These are just a few of the hundreds of examples of observable, scientifically sound facts that make the creation model a much more logical and reasonable model to adopt as one’s theory of origins.


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